World Quality Day - 13/11/14

The purpose of World Quality Day is to promote awareness of quality around the world and encourage development and prosperity

Building a Quality World Together

The CQI is proud to announce that the theme for World Quality Day 2014 will be ‘Building a Quality World Together’.

This year we want to focus on the impact quality professionals make to an organisation while recognising how we can all contribute to building a quality world together.

We live in a fast-moving world where failure to manage quality is damaging the reputations and financial returns of major global brands and corporations. The media are regularly reporting on quality failures while the power of the consumer review has also risen, with over 60% of customers reading online reviews before making a purchase decision. Bearing all these influential outlets in mind there really is nowhere for businesses to hide; quality failure is no longer acceptable.

Organisations are starting to recognise the importance of quality, a recent survey of CEOs, Presidents and Chairmen said that achieving ‘operational excellence’ is one of the biggest challenges for them.  But they recognise they can achieve this by reducing expenditure, continual improvements and better alignment between strategy, objectives and organisational capabilities.

As delivering on quality moves to the forefront it’s time for the Quality Professional to be recognised for their contribution to business. World Quality Day 2014 is an opportunity to demonstrate how quality management can protect reputations, save money and drive innovation within organisations.

The CQI will support quality staff in running interactive events, presentations and drop-in sessions to deliver an organisation-wide message on the importance of ‘Building a quality world together’.



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