World Quality Day 2015 – 12/11/15

Join us this year as we create ‘Sweet Dreams’ and delve into the world of chocolate. From farmer to consumer, we’re using the cocoa industry to raise awareness of quality

The theme for World Quality Day 2015 is ‘Sweet Dreams’. Chocolate is a treat that most people can’t resist but what does it have to do with quality?

Developed from the cocoa bean, chocolate is one of the most consumed products in the world but the cocoa industry is facing a series of problems. We believe quality professionals can help.

A 2015 report by the Earth Security Group raised some of the key challenges affecting the industry, such as profitability for farmers and the productivity of cocoa trees. These are areas where quality professionals could provide potential solutions.

To help spread the message about the impact of quality and the difference it makes, we’ve created the CQI Chocolate Challenge. Our downloadable pack has all the essential elements you need to entice and engage your colleagues into the world of quality.

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