Model of Sustainable Organisation

Organisations - of every type and size - who aspire to do more than just survive in the face of today's increasingly complex environment, will be looking for a way to build a sustainable long term future. In this quest you will find the Model of Sustainable Organisation (MoSO) an invaluable resource partner.

About the MoSO resource

MoSO offers a way through the complexity. At its core is a generic Model or framework - supported by over 25 easy to read articles accessed by the icons on the right hand side of every MoSO webpage. The Model brings together the fundamental elements of any organisation. It's the starting point for you to develop your own unique MoSO. View a MoSO trailer video.

The model

View the video below, putting yourself at the heart of the model. What questions come to mind as you begin to see how the model works?

The model shows how the fundamental elements work together, letting you join the dots and see the big picture. So, you might ask yourself; What would our MoSO look like? What strategies do we have in place for each of the elements? Do they work together with a common aim (joined-up thinking)? Are there gaps and inconsistencies? It's the act of mapping strategies and relationships onto your own MoSO that identifies your organisation's path towards sustainability.

Organisational sustainability - a challenge and a journey not a prize

It has been said that sustainable organisations are enduringly successful - yet not all successful organisations will endure or are sustainable

Organisational sustainability cannot be won (like a prize or a certificate on the wall). It's a journey, a direction of travel that requires sustained leadership, understanding and commitment.

Benefits of accepting the challenge

All stakeholders; employees, suppliers, customers, community and the environment can benefit over the long term. MoSO drives motivation and gives everyone a stake in the future success of the organisation. 

To what extent is your organisation sustainable?

MoSO challenges individuals and teams to ask powerful questions about the way their organisation works (or the part they can influence). It helps them to think through the most important issues, identify gaps in the way the organisation is being led and managed and to test preconceptions against new ideas and approaches.

* We define organisational sustainabilty as the enduring challenge to achieve long-term success while having a positive impact on the society and the environment in which the organisation lives and works.

Navigating the MoSO resource

Use the icons in the right hand panel on all MoSO web pages to get a better understanding of the main elements of the model, the fundamentals that underpin its development, and how you might use it. The MoSO Supporting Information page lists all the pages and their respective icons.

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Download the MoSO brochure

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